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What We Offer.

01. Examination

02. Contact Lens

03. Frames

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  1. 01. Examination

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    Optical World provides eye tests, both privately and on the NHS.

    Our patients can be sure they will always have their eyes examined by the same optometrist. Our highly qualified optician specialises in eye examinations, all types of contact lenses for all age groups, orthokeratology and dyslexia eye sight tests.

  2. 02. Contact Lens

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    Contact lenses have transformed the lives of many offering considerable advantages over spectacles, especially for individuals with active lifestyles. Patients at Optical World are prescribed with the most appropriate solution dependent on their prescription, health of the eye and lifestyle. We also offer a wide range of coloured contact lenses for your every day needs.

  3. 03. Frames

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    Our frame stock includes high quality fashionable eyewear, bespoke rimless frames, a large selection of children’s spectacles as well as tailored sports eyewear. Optical World aims to offer the premier choice for fashionable, on-trend eyewear. We always stock the latest models and colours.

Why Check Your Eyes?

Most people are advised to have their eyes tested every two years. The NHS covers the cost of the examination in a variety of cases. Many people need help with their vision. By the time they reach retirement age, almost 90 percent wear glasses at least part of the time.
As well as measuring any vision problems, the optometrist is able to screen for diseases of the eye. The eyes are also the only part of the body where blood vessels are visible in their natural state without skin obscuring their view. A check-up could save more than your sight. Book an appointment with us today!

The Sight Test.

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About Us

Established in 1983, Optical World is an independent opticians based in the heart of West London. The practice is equipped with the latest in hi-tech ophthalmic imaging equipment in order to provide specialist services.

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The Location

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    London W3 6QX

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